Lead Like An Entrepreneur


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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288 стр.
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Featuring in-depth profiles and success stories from some of today’s top companies, including IBM, 3M, Intel, General Electric, and many others, Lead Like an Entrepreneur reveals how to foster innovation at all levels of the corporation and how to employ entrepreneurial leadership qualities to turn ideas into economic value.

“In Lead Like an Entrepreneur, Thornberry has cracked the code on how to replicate the successful behaviors of entrepreneurial leaders….Should be required reading for companies that desire to inject world-class entrepreneurial IQ into the DNA of their company cultures.” --John Kilcullen, President and Publisher, Billboard and former Chairman and CEO of IDG Books

“In an age where sustainable competitive advantage is increasingly difficult to achieve, this book provides a platform upon which to build it….I recommend this book to anyone responsible for developing and improving leadership in their company.” --Peter Wright, Vice President of Human Resources, Refining & Marketing, British Petroleum, PLC

“Developing entrepreneurial leaders is the key to finding hidden value in any organization. Learn how to create or rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit in your organization, and all of your stakeholders will benefit.” --Gary Acinapura, President, Alcoa Exteriors


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