Lean Six Sigma For Federal Services


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Год: 2011

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Your handbook to successful LSS deployment in federal services

Implementing Lean Six Sigma in a federal agency can be a vastly different process than applying it in the private sector; with government comes a host of unique challenges and complexities.

Written by an author team that ranks among the few recognized LSS leaders who have worked directly with its deployment in the federal sector, Lean Six Sigma for Federal Services provides an overview of the key strategic elements when planning for LSS deployment in your organization. Numerous examples drawn from past and current deployments in the Internal Revenue Service, Naval Air Support Command, and other civilian and military agencies illustrate how to overcome constraints and challenges peculiar to government organizations.

Table of Contents: ROI of Lean Six Sigma for the Federal Government; PART 1: How Lean Six Sigma Works in the Federal Space; Chapter 1: Profit vs. Mission Effectiveness; Chapter 2: Complexity and Regulations; Chapter 3: Authority and Accountability Challenges; Chapter 4: Initiative Overload; Chapter 5: Incentives and Motivation; PART 2: Thinking Strategically about Deployment in Your Organization; Chapter 6: Business Transformation: Best LSS practices from the private sector; Chapter 7: Initiative Management; Chapter 8: Strategy to Execution: Value Chain Optimization; Chapter 9: Human Capital Planning; Chapter 10: Financial Controls and Results Realization; Chapter 11: Case Study; Epilogue; Appendix 1: Highlights on Lean Six Sigma


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