Learning And Development Practice


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Год: 2011

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256 стр.
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The only textbook for the Learning and Development Practice Certificate.

Key Selling Features

  • Only book designed for the Certificate in Learning and Development Practice
  • Companion website (not normally available at this level) to help tutors teach the certificate and design their course
  • Flexible structure with enough theory for the Certificate in each chapter but additional depth in Essential Learning Pages
  • can be used by practitioners who want practical information without theory
  • Contains a wealth of interactive learning features, including Reflective Activities and 'What Next' sections
  • One chapter per module to make course design easier, and help student navigation
  • case study approach with cases from a wide range of sectors and countries to help students relate theory to practice
  • Written by experienced practitioners in a clear, accessible way
  • Recognises recent developments in areas such as technology, blended delivery and online surveying.

    Online resources

    For tutors:
    PowerPoint slides
    Lecturer's Guide to help with teaching and course design

    For students:
    Additional questions and activities
    Annotated weblinks


  • Students on the CIPD's learning and Development Practice Certificate
  • HRPractice stuents who want further L&D information
  • Trainers and L&D proferssionals may use it as a practical guide for workplace tasks

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