Leonard Maltin's 2012 Movie Guide


Автор: Leonard Maltin

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Plume

Год: 2011

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1664 стр.
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Отдельное издание
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Мягкая обложка

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66700 руб.


For more than forty years, generations of movie lovers have relied upon Leonard Maltin to help them decide what to watch. Comprehensive, trustworthy, and the most established guide on the market, Leonard Maltin's 2012 Movie Guide includes:
- More than 10,000 DVD and 14,000 video listings.
- An updated index of leading performers and an index of leading directors.
- Old and new theatrical and video releases rated to Bomb.
- Reviews of little-known sleepers, foreign films, rarities, and camp classics.
- All-new personal recommendations for movie lovers.
- And sources for buying and renting DVDs.


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