Make Sure It'S Deductible, Fourth Edition


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Год: 2011

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240 стр.
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You earned it, now keep it! Maximize your profits by getting the most out of every tax deduction.

No matter what kind of small business you have, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of every legitimate business deduction and personal tax planning advantage at tax time. In the newly updated fourth edition of Make Sure It’s Deductible, Evelyn Jacks, Canada’s bestselling and most trusted tax author and educator, delivers vital tax facts that will save you money—presented in a clear, friendly style that’s easy to read, understand and apply to your own business.

Join the more than 35,000 entrepreneurs who’ve turned to this tax-saving classic to learn about:

  • What expenditures are fully deductible and which are restricted
  • How to claim expenses under new auto and home office rules
  • Hiring family members and splitting income to keep more of your money
  • Building significant wealth with the capital gains deduction and savvy income re-investment strategies
  • Planning for a secure lifestyle now and in retirement

Make Sure It’s Deductible provides vital, practical information you need to increase your bottom line and run a tax-efficient and audit-proof small business. “Evelyn Jacks is well-deserving of her reputation as Canada’s most trusted tax advisor. This book could save thousands of tax dollars for anyone who is self-employed, runs a small business, or is thinking of starting one.” —Gordon Pape, bestselling author and editor and publisher of The Internet Wealth Builder


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