Managing Change


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Год: 2011

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480 стр.
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Building on the success of the first edition, this text is designed to cater for change modules on HR and business degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Key Selling Features

  • Explores how and why change occurs, and how this process can be managed effectively
  • Offers a critical perspective, challenging the main assumptions in this area and ensuring that the complexity of the subject is understood
  • Critical perspective balanced with an improved learning features to make the text more accessible including an appendix featuring 20 popular change management techniques

New to this edition:

  • Increased coverage including new chapters on Perspectives, Power and Politics, Ethics, Agents and Agency, HRM, Evaluation
  • Revised, more logical structure: the book will be divided into parts for easy navigation and the chapters will be restructured to reflect strategic, group and individual change
  • Revised final chapter focused on evaluating the practice and theory of change management, concluding many of the debates introduced in the text

    Online resources

    For tutors:
    Lecturer's Guide including commentary on questions and cases in the book
    PowerPoint slides
    Additional case studies

    For students:
    Annotated weblinks


    • Students on UG Change Management modules and postgraduate modules

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