Managing In A Business Context


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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320 стр.
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Managing in a Business Context introduces and describes the framework in which businesses are working in Britain today. Beginning with the nature of strategy and how strategy can be converted into practice, it goes on to place HR and business management generally in the wider context of UK society, Europe and the world. What is the difference between constitutional law and administrative law? What does citizenship mean? How does Europe work? Issues such as these underpin the social and economic foundation of the UK. Managing in a Business Context answers the questions posed by a rapidly changing world clearly and thoroughly, giving the reader an insight into and an understanding of: economics and the economy; the social structure of the UK; technology and its interface with people; globalisation and international forces; responsibility and business ethics. Thought-provoking and informed, Managing in a Business Context is the most intelligent introduction to the business of understanding business today.


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