Managing Online Forums


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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304 стр.
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Every day, millions of users log into their favorite online forums to keep up on the latest trends in music, politics, entertainment, and current events.

Each of these communities is led by administrators who must make tough decisions, deal with difficult users and manage the staff. Legal constraints, trolls, and technical issues can all turn the excitement of running an online community into chaos. With the right guidance, however, running forums can be a pleasure, not a chore. Patrick O’Keefe has spent years developing and managing his own online communities. Now, he shows readers how they can make their lives easier by making the right decisions about every aspect of their forums.

From developing their site to choosing the right employees, Managing Online Forums is the one book that shows site administrators how to create a safe, entertaining, and informative community that users will return to again and again.


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