Marcel Duchamp and the Forestay Waterfall


Автор: Paul Franklin, Dalia Judovitz, Marcel Duchamp

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Jrp/Ringier

Год: 2011

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408 стр.
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In August 1946, Marcel Duchamp spent five weeks in Switzerland, and stayed at the Hotel Bellevue (today, Le Baron Tavernier) near Chexbres, on Lake Geneva. It was here that he discovered the Forestay waterfall, which was to become the starting point for (and ultimately the landscape of) his enigmatic and final masterpiece, Etant donnes: 1 la chute d'eau, 2 le gaz d'eclairage (Given: 1. The Waterfall, 2. The Illuminating Gas). Now, for the first time, the full significance of the choice of this waterfall is explored. Among the contributors to this volume are Caroline Bachmann, Stefan Banz, Etienne Barilier, Lars Blunck, Ecke Bonk, Paul B.Franklin, Antje von Graevenitz, Dalia Judovitz, Michael Luthy, Bernard Marcade, Herbert Molderings, Adeena Mey, Stanislaus von Moos, Francis M.Naumann, Mark Nelson, Molly Nesbit, Dominique Radrizzani, Roman Signer, Michael R.Taylor, Hans Maria de Wolf and Philip Ursprung.


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