Mastering Trade Selection And Management: Advanced Strategies For Long-Term Profitability


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Год: 2011

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Proven techniques for properly managing a trade from entry to exit—for lower risk and higher profits

Mastering the Currency Market provides everything you need to stay on point during ever step of every trade. Experienced both in the floor and “on the screen,” Jay Norris shows you how to conduct back-testing and demo trading before risking your money in the market place. He takes you step by step through the process of conducting a proper market overview, qualifying and identifying a trade set-up, and focusing on the specific fact based trade signal.

Table of Contents

PART 1 Market Overview; Chapter 1: Overview - Your Daily Ritual;

Chapter 2: Trending & Counter-Trending Markets & Higher Time Frame Confirmation;

Chapter 3: Pre-Trade Checklist: Trends Identified & Current Environment Defined; Chapter 4: Wildcards: Retracements on Higher Time Frames & Chart Patterns; Chapter 5: Strength & Weakness Reading - Divergence Between Price and Momentum; Chapter 6: Pre-Trade Checklist Re-visited; Chapter 7: Multiple Time frames; Chapter 8: Overview Order of Operation;

PART 2 Set-up; Chapter 9: What is the Set-up?; Chapter 10: Higher time frame confirmation re-visited - Don't think twice; Chapter 11: Using both Higher & Lower time-frames to focus on Set-up; Chapter 12: Role of Technical Indicators - Price First Momentum Next;

PART 3 Fact Based Triggers Defined & Trade Entered; Chapter 13: Change of Direction Defined; Chapter 14: Change of Direction with Trendline Break - No Choice; Chapter 15: Moving Average Triggers; Chapter 16: Technical Indicator confirmation; Chapter 17: Trend Triggers; Chapter 18: Counter-trend Triggers; Chapter 19: Times to pass on Triggers; Chapter 20: Pattern of highs and low; Chapter 21: Momentum;

PART 4 Trade Management; Chapter 22: Stop placement; Chapter 23: Price Follow thru and Trade Management; Chapter 24: Sideways price action and Trade Management; Chapter 25: Price Failure and Trade Management;

PART 5 Trade Examples; A. Forex Trending Daily; Forex Swing Daily B. Forex Trend intraday; Forex Swing intraday; C. Stocks Daily; D. Stocks Intraday; E. Commodities Daily; F. Commodities Intraday;


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