McGraw-Hill's 6 GRE Practice Tests


Автор: Christopher Thomas, Kathy A. Zahler

Язык: Английский

Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Год: 2011

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416 стр.
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McGraw-Hill's 6 GRE Practice Tests offers you the most GRE practice available anywhere. It includes 6 complete sample GREs, with in-depth explanatory answers for every question that act as a mini-review for GRE test topics. With no comparable book of practice tests, this is the resource that you will need to fully prepare for the exam.

- 6 practice paper-and-pencil GREs in the new test format with in-depth explanations.
- Complete introduction to the exam and to its new format.
- Test Structure and Format.
- How to Use the Practice Tests.
- Scoring the Verbal and Quantitative Test Sections.
- Scoring the Analytical Writing Section.


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