Mcgraw-Hill's Sat Vocabulary Flashcards


Автор: Mark Anestis, Christopher Black

Язык: Английский

Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Год: 2011

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500 стр.
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The 500 essential terms you need to know to master SAT vocabulary - all in one box!
McGraw-Hill's SAT Vocabulary Flashcards is your edge in conquering the SAT. Expert author Mark Anestis has selected 500 key words that frequently appear on SAT exams to help you achieve up to a maximum 800 verbal score. The best part is you can use these flashcards wherever you are - at home, at the library, on the bus, anywhere!
You can use these flashcards to memorize vocabulary - thanks to example sentences included with each term, or to quiz yourself to check your progress. However you use them, McGraw-Hill's SAT Vocabulary Flashcards will help you achieve your desired score.


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