Measurement of Attitude to Agricultural Science


Автор: S. O. Olatunji,U. O. Igbokwe and Nnenna D. Mkpa

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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148 стр.

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469100 руб.


Most Nigerian farmers are ageing. A critical challenge for sustainable agricultural and rural development in Nigeria has remained how to mobilize her large population of youths (about 45%) as active participants in the agricultural transformation process. Most Nigerian youths appears to be negatively disposed towards electing agriculture as a course of study or as a vocation. It is imperative to constantly assess students'attitudes because the link between attitude, subject enrollment, and achievement has been sustained by research. The book presents the nitty gritty of the processes involved in development, validation and standardization of semantic differential scales for measurement of students' attitude to agricultural science.Preliminary utilization of the scales indicates that the instrument validly predict students' achievement in and choice of agriculture as a course of study or vocation.The book should be especially useful to Guidance Counsellors, Science Educators, Measurement and Evaluation Trainees and Professionals, Curriculum Planners, Researchers and anyone else who may be interested in taking objective classification,selection and placement decisions about students.


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