My Secret Life


Автор: Martha Nix Wade

Год: 2011

Дополнительные характеристики

104 стр.

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110500 руб.


My Secret Life is a candid, yet sensitive look into Martha Wade s childhood and the effects of sexual abuse. It offers insights into childhood molestation, and exhibits one woman s courageous journey to face the truth on the way to freedom from guilt and shame. This book proves to be a healing tool for those recovering from this unthinkable crime. It also speaks to those who have not personally experienced sexual abuse. It opens the reader s eyes to better understand how individuals live through this pain, face challenges, and need understanding people with whom to walk through the process of healing. Martha founded the non-profit A Quarter Blue-Educating>Protecting>Empowering in 2007. A QUARTER of children will be left BLUE from the effects of sexual abuse. A Quarter Blue creates safe and appropriate, insightful resources to discuss the tendencies of sexual abuse, without unleashing disturbing details of abuse.


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