No More Rotten Eggs: A Dozen Steps To Grade-Aa Talent Management


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Год: 2011

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Your proven weapon in the battle for talent

Take your business to the top by finding, developing, and keeping top employees.

Almost every business runs on quality personnel, and it’s up to you to acquire, develop, and retain top-performing employees to secure business success, growth, and profitability.

No More Rotten Eggs provides step-by-step guidance for revolutionizing your hiring practices and keeping your company flourishing with the best staff. With proven, practical models, this invaluable hiring guide shows you how to save money and increase profit and productivity by attracting and keeping top talent. Learn how to:

  • Position your company to attract top performers
  • Write effective job descriptions that draw the best candidates
  • Use proven recruiting and prescreening practices that allow the best potential employees to rise to the top
  • Follow established guidelines on assessing personality and behavior to find the perfect fit for your company
  • Make offers that will sway contenders your way Take your business from good to great with No More Rotten Eggs—and get the best return on your investment of quality talent.
Debra Thompson is president of TG & Associates, LLC, as well as an international speaker, consultant, coach, and author.

Bill Greif is owner of TG & Associates, LLC. He had a successful career in project management in the aerospace industry before serving as leader of Raytheon Engineering Training Guidance Team.

Thompson and Greif reside in Tucson, Arizona.


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