Optical Systems Engineering


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Год: 2011

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448 стр.
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A unique, hands-on guide to optical systems design

Based on the author’s broad range of optical system design experiences for variety of critical, time-sensitive government programs, Optical Systems Engineering emphasizes the importance of physical thinking to develop realistic and situation-appropriate optical systems. The book focuses on real-world elements influential to system design, such as feasibility studies, performance modeling, requirements analysis and flow-down, allocation of error budgets, sub-system and component specifications, interfaces between sub-systems, and the availability of electronics components.

Optical Systems Engineering

  • Features an easy-to-understand, real-world example of optical phenomena at the beginning of each chapter
  • Includes numerous diagrams and photo images that allow you to visualize how each component works and why
  • Helps you to develop physical thinking and learn to work in a real-world design environment
  • Focuses on learning through experience rather than memorization

Coverage includes:
Geometrical Optics; Aberrations and Image Quality; Radiometry ; Optical Sources; Detectors; Opto-Mechanical Design


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