Oracle Database 11G Building Xml Applications


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Год: 2011

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416 стр.
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A complete Oracle Press guide to XML and Oracle XML DB, including practical examples and best practices

Oracle Database 11g Building XML Applications teaches you how to use the available XML technology for application design, processing, and data storage. You’ll learn how to put Oracle XML technology to work with best practices for using XML in Oracle applications and databases.

The book is organized into three parts. The first section focuses on the basic XML and XML DB concepts and the product features Oracle offers. These chapters contain real-world examples and highlight best practices as well as potential pitfalls. The second section teaches Oracle XML DB management topics including storage, backup, recovery, security, high availability, and performance tuning with examples based on Oracle Database 11gR2. The third section discusses how to build real-world XML applications. Source code, along with extensive explanations of each example, is included.

Oracle Database 11g Building XML Applications

  • Is written by an Oracle expert and former product manager for Oracle XML DB
  • Provides core concepts of XML and Oracle XML DB—covering the latest features available in Oracle Database 11gR2
  • Advises you of pros and cons of various approaches and methods
  • Illustrates best practices with code examples throughout
  • Includes source code from book online

This Oracle Press guide covers:
Oracle XML DB Overview; Basic XML Concepts; XMLType; XML DB Repository; Parsing XML; Validating XML; Accessing XML with Xpath; Transforming XML; Querying XML; Creating XML from Relational Tables; Searching XML; Oracle XML DB Installation; Oracle XML DB Storage; Oracle XML DB Backup and Recovery; Oracle XML DB Security; Oracle XML DB Performance Tuning; Oracle XML DB Web Services; Oracle XML DB Support in Oracle JDeveloper; Oracle Pulling It All Together: Sample Application


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