Organizational Climate and Culture


Автор: Editor Benjamin Schneider

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Jossey-Bass

Год: 2011

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478 стр.
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This volume in the Frontiers Series presents cutting-edge chapters that advance thinking about some of the conceptual, methodological, and applications issues existing in the organizational climate and organizational culture literatures. While climate has a longer history of research than does culture in organizational psychology and organizational behavior, the two constructs have developed rather independently and have typically been presented as relatively isolated from each other. A purpose, then, of Organizational Climate and Culture is to bring together in one place some of the thinking going on in each camp so that future scholars and practitioners might build on these related constructs. As will become clear to readers, climate and culture are clearly complementary topics, with each having much to contribute to the other. These contributions are in conceptual richness, methodological sophistication, and applications questions and procedures.


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