Our Army At War


Автор: Various

Год: 2011

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128 стр.

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177200 руб.


Top-name creators including Darwyn Cooke, Geoff Darrow, Joe Kubert and others revisit DC war heroes such as Sgt. Rock and The Losers in this collection of stand-alone tales.Re-enlist with OUR ARMY AT WAR, a collection of DC’s war stories from fall 2010 featuring an eclectic list of creators and comic properties! In one story, readers are told a different kind of Sgt. Rock tale – one that follows the combat-happy joes of Easy Company decades ago and, simultaneously, a modern unit in the mountains of Afghanistan! In another set of three sensational stories, soldiers rise from the grave, horror surfaces from beneath the sea and a battle among dinosaurs proves that war has never been weirder! Others include The Haunted Tank, The Losers and French Resistance soldier Mademoiselle Marie!


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