Pdq Integrative Oncology: Complementary Therapies


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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160 стр.

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Integrative Oncology is the synthesis of mainstream cancer treatment and effective complementary therapies. PDQ Integrative Oncology: Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care provides oncology professionals with need-to-know information about the data-based utility of complementary therapies. It thoroughly discusses useful non-invasive adjunctive therapies that effectively and safely relieve symptoms associated with cancer and cancer treatments. Following discussions of the source and practice of complementary therapies, this manual summarises therapies by major cancer diagnoses and concludes with a section on the management of major symptoms. A final chapter reviews currently popular but questionable alternative therapies.

The text examines botanical research, herb-drug interactions in oncology, and the potential and the concerns about dietary supplements. This work will help oncology professionals understand and guide patients’ use of appropriate complementary therapies and avoid bogus “alternatives”.

The overall aim of PDQ Integrative Oncology is to facilitate dialogue with patients and help broaden the approach to cancer treatment that integrative oncology can engender.


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