Pedal Power: An Accounting Practice Set


Год: 2011

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80 стр.

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Get pedalling! The world has never looked better than from two wheels!

Pedal Power is a wholesale bicycle business. The proprietor’s partner, who handles the accounts, will be away for a month and the student must step into this role and complete the accounts. Full background information is included to enable the student to do this, together with blank accounting pages for completion. One of the finest features of Pedal Power is the inclusion of actual source documents such as cheque butts and invoices. Just as they would in any business, students must extract the relevant information from the documents in order to process them, thereby gaining practical business experience and skills.

This manual accounting practice set (which is based on a perpetual inventory system) is intended for introductory students, both accounting and non-accounting majors. It allows students to become familiar with the recording process, and may be used as a supplementary exercise to aid student comprehension or as an assessable component of students’ final grades when completed.

The practice set includes expanded introductory material that covers all of the information students will need to complete the exercise, avoiding the necessity for instructors to write supplementary notes. We have also included a bank reconciliation statement—not always present in practice sets—to aid realism and understanding.


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