Power System Protection: Static Relays


Год: 2011

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736 стр.

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The book is a thoroughly revised and updated second edition of a successful text. It incorporates the latest developments in semiconductor technology and its applications to power system protection. A new chapter on Microprocessor Applications to Protection has been added. New developments in commercial relay manufacture are also included.

With its wide and up-to-date coverage, the book would be indispensable to engineers in the relay industry, field engineers, and research and development personnel. It would also be useful as a reference text for students of electrical engineering.

The book discusses:

  • The problem of relay power supply circuits and their various aspects.

  • Applications of digital and analog computers to power system protection microprocessor applications including the peripheral equipment for relay applications.

  • Non-conventional comparators like instantaneous comparators and phase-sequence detectors.

  • Aspects of reliability tests and maintenance, including methods prescribed by the International Electro-technical Commission.

  • The latest developments in commercial relay manufacture.

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