Pro Tools 9: The Mixer's Toolkit


Автор: Nathan Adam, Kevin Ward

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Focal Press

Год: 2011

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264 стр.
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In Pro Tools 9: The Mixer's Toolkit you will participate in a real Pro Tools session, giving you hands-on experience as you start arranging, EQing, compressing, bussing, effecting, and automating a modern demo into a hard-hitting, radio-ready production. Apply the in-depth use of micro-editing, Elastic Time, and Beat Detective across Drums, Bass, Guitars, and Vocals, and learn how to use Multi-Compression, Reverbs, and Delays to make your tracks really jump out of a mix. Utilize proven pre-mastering tips to finalize your production and get a loud mix that will stand up to the competition.

This book contains hundreds of pages and illustrations outlining every step of a modern mix including:

  • Buss Mixing, Parallel Compression, and getting tight rhythm tracks;
  • Delay tricks and Vocal Automation for clarity and punch;
  • Techniques for pre-mastering the final Mix.

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