Qualitative Research Methods In Psychology


Год: 2011

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384 стр.

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Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology: From Core to Combined Approaches provides research students with practical guidance and thoughtful debate on carrying out qualitative research in psychology. The book is written in a clear and accessible manner designed to support students from the beginning of their research experience at undergraduate level through to postgraduate research and beyond. Its two part layout first introduces the single use of four widely-used qualitative approaches and then introduces ways and applications of using the approaches in combination.

Personal insight into qualitative research practice from each of the contributors covers health psychology, social psychology, criminal psychology, gender studies psychotherapy, counselling psychology and organizational psychology. These contributions to the book bring a personable style to the presentation of practical guidance, theoretical debate and reflective insight to understanding plurality in the innovative and contemporary use of qualitative approaches in psychology.

The book includes several features designed to aid understanding and illustrate the uses of qualitative approaches, such as:

  • Case studies and group projects
  • Reflections on practice
  • Problem-based questions
  • Research examples
  • Reference lists
Cigdem Esin (University of East London), Nollaig Frost (Middlesex University), Amanda Holt (University of Portsmouth), Sevasti-Melissa Nolas (Middlesex University) and Pnina Shinebourne (Middlesex University)


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