Refractive Surgery


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Год: 2011

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Full-color coverage of the latest strategies and techniques in refractive surgery

Part of the Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology series this full-color, quick reference guide discusses the latest strategies and techniques in refractive surgery.


  • Numerous full-color photographs, drawings, and algorithms
  • Quick-scan bulleted text
  • Covers key issues such as photorefractive keratectomy for high myopia, lasik complications and their management, the physiology of refractive errors, and the clinical examinations based on ancillary instrumental exams

Detailed, authoritative content you won't find in any other resource:
Section 1: Corneal Refractive Surgery; Chapter 1. Refractive Errors of the Eye; Chapter 2. Basic Optics of Refractive Surgery; Chapter 3. Pathophysiology of Various Refractive Errors Like Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Accommodation and Presbyopia; Chapter 4. Orbscan; Chapter 5. Photorefractive Keratectomy with Mitomycin C for High Myopia; Chapter 6. Photorefractive Keratectomy after Penetrating Keratoplasty; Chapter 7. Phototherapeutic Keratectomy on Recurrent Corneal Erosions; Chapter 8. Myopic Photorefractive Keratectomy Using Solid State Laser; Chapter 9. Photorefractive Keratectomy for Residual Myopia following Radial Keratotomy; Chapter 10. Recent Advances in Photorefractive Keratectomy; Chapter 11. Painless EpiLASIK; Chapter 12. Wavefront-guided Photorefractive Keratectomy—Today and the Future; Chapter 13. Presby-EpiLASIK in Pseudophakic Eyes with the Wavelight Allegretto; Chapter 14. EpiLASIK with Mitomycin C; Chapter 15. One-shot Epithelium-rhexis: Personal Technique; Chapter 16. Surface Ablation after Laser In Situ Keratomileusis; Retreatment on the Flap; Chapter 17. Wavefront Analysis and its Clinical Significance; Chapter 18. Wavefront LASIK; Chapter 19. Aspheric Ablation with Nidek Platform; Chapter 20. Customized Excimer Laser Treatment Using the Wavelight Allegretto Eye Q Laser; Chapter 21. Advances EpiLASIK and LASEK; Chapter 22. Wavefront Optimize and Astigmatism correction with the Allegretto Excimer Laser; Chapter 23. Aberropia: A New Refractive Entity; Chapter 24. Topographic and Aberrometer Guided Laser; Chapter 25. Refractive Change after RK; Chapter 26. LASIK Complications and Management; Chapter 27. Cross-linking Plus Topography-guided PRK for Post-LASIK Ectasia Management; Chapter 28. PRK for Low to Moderate Myopia; Chapter 29. LASEK Procedure with the Use of Mitomycin C; Chapter 30. Transepithelial Cross-linking for the Treatment of Keratoconus; Chapter 31. Sub Bowman's Keratomileusis: Combining the Best of PRK and LASIK for Optimal Outcomes; Chapter 32. cTENTM- Custom Transepithelial No-touch, One-step, All-laser Refractive and Therapeutic Ablations with the iVISTM suite; Chapter 33. Astigmatism; Chapter 34. Customized LASIK for Presbyopia: PMLTM (Presbiopic Multifocal LASIK Technique); Chapter 35. Amblyopia; Chapter 36. Laser Scleral Ablation for True Accommodation for Presbyopia; Chapter 37. Solid State Lasers for Refractive Surgery 360; Chapter 38. Dry Eye after Refractive Surgery; Chapter 39. Corneal Biomechanical Properties; Chapter 40. Future of LASIK Surgery; Section 2: Lenticular Refractive Surgery; Chapter 41. Refractive Management of Hyperopia; Chapter 42. Restoration of Accommodation by Capsular Bag Refilling; Chapter 44. Mini Incision IOL Implantation—Current Scenario; Chapter 45. Monofocal HOA Free IOL to Correct Secondary Presby-LASIK; Chapter 46. Managing Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome; Chapter 47. Artisan, Toric Artisan and Artiflex Phakic Intraocular Lenses; Chapter 48. Orthokeratology IOLs; Chapter 49. Aspheric IOLs (Wavefront Based I); Chapter 50. Dual Optic Accommodative IOL; Chapter 51. Anterior Chamber Phakic IOL with Angle Fixation; Chapter 52. Advances in Microphakonit for Refractive Lens Exchange (MIRLEX)—A New Technique; Chapter 53. Blue Light Filtering Intraocular Lenses; Chapter 54. Refractive Lens Exchange: Current Perspectives; Chapter 55. Advances in Optic Designs to Reduce PCO


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