Sales Scripts That Sell


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Год: 2011

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Whatever the scenario, effective salespeople know how to immediately establish customer rapport, build trust and self-confidence, overcome resistance and objections -- and win sales. Completely updated with all new material, Sales Scripts That Sell puts the most powerful selling scripts at readers’ fingertips, providing solutions for a wide range of sales situations.

An all-in-one training manual for every level of experience, the book is arranged by selling activity, including:

  • Prospecting
  • Controlling the sale
  • Countering objections
  • Handling stalls
  • Closing
  • Getting referrals.
Complete with new scripts for e-mail and voicemail, this go-anywhere, easy-reference guide ensures that the language salespeople use is positive, effective, and on target. The book contains motivational introductions, warm-up exercises, memory joggers, and even stage directions, with instructions on use and delivery. Proven, practical, and all new, this is a must-have book for sales professionals everywhere.


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