SharePoint 2010 branding in practice: a guide for web developers


Автор: Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

Год: 2011

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328 стр.
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Master SharePoint 2010 branding and interface development with deep and to-the-point How To's. Get task-specific guidance and detailed code samples to help you get started right away. This book is meant for web developers or user interface developers and will bridge anything else you will need to successfully apply your existing branding skills to the SharePoint world. Here are top things you discover with this book: 1.Setting up your development virtual machine and overview of SharePoint 2010 branding; Whata??s Where and Why? Thata??s right, wea??ll take care of infrastructure challenges first 2.Customizing SharePoint 2010 Collaboration Sites. At the end of this chapter, wea??ll actually transfer branding of a traditionally cut site (HTML, CSS etc) to SharePoint 2010 3.Customizing SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites. Here you will learn all there is to it to brand large enterprise sites 4.Customizing SharePoint 2010 Specialized Sites. All about customizing user profile sites, blog site, and other specialized sites 5.Extending Search Look and Feel. Learn about particulars of branding SharePoint 2010 Search and its components 6.Integrating Third-Party UI Components into SharePoint. Here, we look at integrating controls from Telerik and your own custom controls 7.Branding SharePoint Publishing and Custom Pages 8.Changing the Look of SharePoint Forms. Forms are heavily used in SharePoint 2010 and rarely explained how to brand, well cover all about branding item forms 9.Client-Side Interaction with External and Local Web Services. Particulars of integrating with external services and SharePoint 2010 10. Creating SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Components and Managing Existing Ribbon Elements. Get all the samples and tips on how to extend SharePoint 2010 ribbon Download book source code here: Code examples in this book as well as downloadable source code have been thoroughly tested. With the source code provided, you will be able to jump right into the example and build on the top of it to test your specific scenario.


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