Six Sigma Software Quality Improvement


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Год: 2011

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640 стр.
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Complete with 25 case studies, this in-depth guide provides a roadmap for using Six Sigma to improve the quality of software/IT companies.

Six Sigma Software Quality Improvement demonstrates how Six Sigma is applicable to the IT industry, with compelling success stories from today’s leading IT companies, including Motorola, Honeywell, GE, and American Express. The book offers a true roadmap for software quality improvement from those who have been in the trenches and have won the battles handily.

This practical guide illustrates how successful IT companies employ Six Sigma to improve their processes using DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) and identify and eliminate waste from their processes using Lean Six Sigma. The book also reveals how companies develop new, robust products using Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) concepts.

Six Sigma Software Quality Improvement

  • Provides detailed insight into problems and opportunities that were addressed with the aid of Six Sigma in some of the largest, most successful IT companies
  • Features 25 case studies identifying the problem/opportunity, the specific Six Sigma statistical tool used, and the resulting return that was realized, so you can replicate the scenarios in your own work situations
  • Written and contributed by leaders in the quality and software development fields
  • Provides a global perspective with international companies and global authors

Comprehensive coverage:
Executive Overview of Six Sigma; Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control (DMAIC) Case Studies; DMAIC Methodology Primer; DMAIC Conclusions & Lessons Learned; Define – Measure – Analyze –Design – Verify (DMADV) Case Studies; DMADV Methodology Primer; DMADV Conclusions & Lessons Learned; Lean Six Sigma & Kaizen Case Studies; Lean Six Sigma Primer; Lean Six Sigma Conclusions & Lessons Learned; Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) Case Studies; DFSS Primer; DFSS Conclusions & Lessons Learned


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