Speed Your Evolution


Автор: Lianne Downey

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Книга по Требованию

Год: 2013

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340 стр.

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35810 руб.


BOOK DESCRIPTION If the Universe delivered you with an Owner’s Manual, it might resemble the contents of this book: First, complete with diagrams, you’d learn the basics of your Infinite Design, how you function multi-dimensionally at all times. How you record and carry within you every experience you’ve ever had from lifetime to lifetime. What you do between lives. Secondly, you’d learn how to maximize the links built into your system that connect you with the Infinite Intelligence. You’d gradually acquire the ability to raise your frequency to higher and higher levels, thus turning your consciousness into a highly-tuned, capable transceiver, receiving and redirecting information from throughout the Infinite universes. Well, that would be your goal, anyway. In the meantime, you’d learn how to harmonize your relationships with friends, family, lovers, and bosses; how to create positive experiences from the worst circumstances; how to discern the frequency-messages constantly bombarding you and what to do with them. You’d become more psychic, creative, loving, and wise. Finally, your owner’s manual would teach you how to accelerate your personal, evolutionary development, so that you could bypass all the slow-moving obstacles in your path. You’d eliminate entire lifetimes of learning requirement, spending more time in crystalline, higher-dimensional worlds of Light between lives and in your dream states. You’d rectify past-life karmic hang-ups in record time. You’d know the hidden Power of your own design. It would all be in the owner’s manual. A manual for soulic development. Exactly like this book. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lianne Downey has researched and taught the science of reincarnation for nearly four decades. She’s the author of two novels, many articles, and several nonfiction books written in collaboration with her Cosmic CoAuthors. She writes a blog, loves ballroom dancing with her husband, and lives in San Diego.


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