Sra Science Skills Student Edition Level 6


Год: 2011

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This grade 1-6 supplemental program provides grade specific science content with “how-to” instruction and opportunities for reinforcing investigating, reading, thinking, writing, research, chart, graph, and math skills. The Skills Handbook Using Science utilizes science content to teach valuable cross-curricular skills in a step by- step format that won’t interfere with your core curriculum. In each of the grade levels, students explore lessons that are designed to bring science content and applications into a variety of subjects, including math, writing, and language arts. Self- contained lessons and a simplistic instructional design permits students to work independently, and each book includes test-taking strategies that help students develop techniques for analyzing and answering test questions. Lessons in Skills Handbook Using Science:

  • Define a skill and provide the content that will develop that skill
  • Develop skill concepts so they can be applied to a variety of situations
  • Offer useful tips to help students work with the skill
  • Provide practice so students can practice and apply skills to new situations
  • Guide students in testing situations with test-taking tips
  • Facilitate mastery of a variety of different skills and strategies


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