Star Wars: Blood Ties - A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett


Автор: Tom Taylor, Christopher Scalf

Год: 2011

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96 стр.

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177900 руб.


STAR WARS: BLOOD TIES-A TALE OF JANGO AND BOBA FETT :2 (of 4) Tom Taylor (W) and Chris Scalf (A/Cover) On sale Sept 29 FC, 40 pages $3.50 Miniseries Then: Jango Fett, the most dangerous assassin/bounty hunter in the galaxy, never fails to get his man. But Jango has never had a success that has affected him this way. Now: Boba Fett has taken up his father's mantle and lived up to Jango's fearsome reputation. But a secret from the past has Boba working a case he would normally dismiss and wondering if he actually knew his father as well as he thought . . . Across the generations, and across the galaxy, if a Fett is on your trail, you've reached a dead end! Fully painted art by Purge artist Chris Scalf!


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