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Год: 2011

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Full-color coverage of the latest strategies and techniques in the surgical managment of strabismus and amblyopia

Part of the Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology series this full-color, quick reference guide discusses all abnormalities of strabismus and the latest corrective measures clinicians have at their disposal.


  • Numerous full-color photographs, drawings, and algorithms
  • Quick scan bulleted text
  • All treatment strategies are supported by evidence-based research

Detailed, authoritative content you won't find in any other resource:
SECTION 1: CLINICAL STRABISMUS; Chapter 1. Binocular Vision; Chapter 2. Pediatric Strabismus Examination; Chapter 3. Signs, Symptoms and Adaptations in Strabismus; Chapter 4. Sensory Adaptations in Strabismus; Chapter 5. Esodeviations (Pseudoexotropia, Esophoria, Congenital Esotropia, Nystagmus Blockage Syndrome, Accomodative Esotropia, Acute Acquired Esotropia, Cyclic Esotropia, Divergence Insufficiency Esotropia, Spasm of the Near Reflex, Deprivation (Sensory) Esotropia, Consecutive Esotropia); Chapter 6. Exodeviations (Pseudoexotropia, Exophoria, Congenital Exotropia, Intermittent Exotropia, Convergence Insufficiency, Convergence Paralysis, Deprivation (Sensory) Exotropia, Consecutive Exotropia); Chapter 7. Amblyopia; Chapter 8. Cranial Nerve Palsies; Chapter 9. Cyclovertical Deviations; Chapter 10. Concomitant Strabismus; Chapter 11. Diagnostic Methods in Concomitant Squint; Chapter 12. A and V Patterns in Strabismus; Chapter 13. Nystagmus; Chapter 14. Cranial nerve Palsies and Their Management; Chapter 15. Strabismus Syndromes; Chapter 16. Special Forms of Strabismus; Chapter 17. Nonsurgical Treatment of Squint; Chapter 18. Botulinum Toxin in Strabismus SECTION 2: STRABISMUS SURGERY AND RECENT ADVANCES; Chapter 19. Video-oculography: A New Perspective of Ocular Motility for Strabismology; Chapter 20. Managing Amblyopia with Corneal Wavefront Guided Lasik in Children; Chapter 21. Update on Strabismus Surgery in Children; Chapter 22. Hyperopic Lasik for Accommodative Esotropia; Chapter 23. Strabismus Surgery; Chapter 24. Strategies for Amblyopia: Rehabilitation Orthoptics and Refractive Surgery; Chapter 25. Adjustable Sutures in Pediatric Strabismus Surgery


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