Studying Quantum Mechanics Selected Topics


Автор: Yuri Kornyushin

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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52 стр.

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Kinetic energy is a non-zero positive value in many cases of bound states, when a wave function is a real-valued one and there are no visible motion and flux. This can be understood, using expansion of the wave function into Fourier integral, that is, on the basis of virtual plane waves. This explanation was proposed by the author in 1963 when the author had been studying Quantum Mechanics. Self-action in a system of elementary particles, charged with elementary charges, is discussed in detail. This self-action is not taken in account in Quantum Mechanics, because otherwise experimental data (including data on atomic spectra) could not be theoretically explained. In Quantum Mechanics sometimes there is an electrostatic field without any electrostatic energy stored in it, and electrostatic negative energy with no charge and no electrostatic field, like in a positronium. Criteria for low-dimensional quantum movements are derived, quantum and classical rotations of modern objects are regarded. Simplified theory of polarons and bipolarins is proposed, and simple explanation of coexistence of zero angular momentum and non-zero magnetic moment in many-electron system is discussed.


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