Super Staying Power: What You Need To Become Valuable And Resilient At Work


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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208 стр.
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Make yourself layoff-proof in a tough business environment
It may seem like no job is secure during these difficult economic times, but you can learn the innovative strategies needed to protect your job now. Super Staying Power brings you the edge you need to stand out and shine at work—and become indispensable to your company.

Super Staying Power is for anyone who needs to know how to:

  • Handle the intense pressure and uncertainty of today’s competitive business environment
  • Keep moving “forward” when much of the world seems to be backsliding.
  • Get around obstacles that are outside my control
  • Survive a political work environment without sacrificing my ethics
  • Position myself as a future leader even while getting the job done today
  • Read my boss’s mind so I can figure out what’s “really” going on around here.

Super Staying Power will prepare you to survive the stress and pressure of today’s business climate. The information you learn from this book will make you resilient and invaluable to your organization, and it will help you shift your thinking to a new, success-oriented perspective that will make it easier for you to leverage skills you already have to achieve more, with less worry.


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