Teaching Adult Esol


Год: 2011

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296 стр.

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Are you teaching or training to teach English to adult speakers of other languages?
Yes! Then this is the essential book for you!

This is one of the few books to effectively blend together research, theory and practical pedagogy and link this directly with the context of teaching English to adults. There are reflective tasks throughout, which encourage you to develop and apply your theoretical knowledge to your own experiences.

The editors and contributing authors - all experienced practitioners and researchers - share their experience of meeting the diverse needs of learners in the ESOL setting. Learners come from a wide range of cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds and choose to learn English for a variety of reasons. These factors have important implications for the way the teaching is undertaken. The authors draw on their wealth of experience with adult learners to offer practical strategies for the classroom.

Key topics include:

  • Planning, learning and assessment
  • Accuracy and fluency
  • Learning contexts
  • Language analysis, language use and language acquisition
This is essential reading for students on adult ESOL subject specialist certificate courses, or integrated Cert Ed/PGCE ESOL courses. It is also of interest to people teaching English outside the UK.

Contributors: Vivien Barr, Sue Colquhoun, Jo-Ann Delaney, Clare Fletcher, Marina Spiegel, Helen Sunderland, John Sutter, Efisia Tranza, Mary Weir


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