The Americas: Where to Go When


Год: 2011

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336 стр.

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The Americas: Where to Go When is the ultimate holiday planner, highlighting the most spectacular places in North, Central and South America and the best time to visit each one. Written by a team of travel experts, and edited by Craig Doyle, the title brings more than 120 destinations to life with informative narrative and the stunning photography you?d expect from DK. Get to the heart of the most memorable travel destinations in the Americas with hundreds of experiences from marvelling at Niagara Falls in April and cruising down the Amazon in May to sampling San Francisco?s romantic spots in September. Six different themes- Natural World, Unforgettable Journeys, Family Holidays, Luxury & Romance, Activity Breaks, and Festivals & Culture - ensure that there is something for everybody. With a simple month-by-month format, practical information and suggested itineraries, The Americas: Where to Go When makes finding the ideal getaway easier than ever. Search by time of year, type of vacation or simply flip through the pages and be inspired. Take an enticing tour of the Americas with The Americas: Where to Go When.


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