The Art Of Quantum Planning


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Год: 2011

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168 стр.
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If you are looking to increase energy, inspire creativity and enable radical thinking in your strategic planning and groupthink situations, then The Art of Quantum Planning is for you! Borrowing liberally from quantum physics, author, consultant and strategic planner Gerald Harris uses ideas from the dense scientific study of tiny particles and applies those ideas to large corporations and organizations.

The Art of Quantum Planning offers new metaphors and models for thinking that help people build the kinds of organizations that will be needed in a future of increasingly complex systems of interactivity within business.

Harris simplifies concepts like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relation, and The Particle Wave Duality to their core, and uses them as metaphorical levers to open the minds of meeting participants, facilitators, and strategists to increase energy, and improve the approach to existing and future crises and opportunities in organizations.


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