The Art Student's Workbook : Trade Edition: Annotated Trade Sample of the Teacher's Edition (Volume 1)


Автор: Eric Gibbons

Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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144 стр.
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This book is not for instruction but contains highlights and a??post-itsa?? to point out how this program can improve success in a??core coursesa?? like math, science, history, writing and more. Please share it with your administration/supervisor so they can see the value of this program. This sample version of the book cannot be used for instruction as some information is covered by a??post-its.a?? Student Achievement & Relevance In a time when the economy is strained and schools must choose to make cuts, it is often the art department that is the first to suffer as it is considered peripheral a??fluffa?? or a dumping-ground. Anecdotal evidence from my schoola??s guidance department indicates that students who take my course are 50% LESS likely to fail standardized testing. These are real numbers that can grab the attention of your administration and Board of Education. This book is the culmination of my 20 years of classroom experience. There is a wealth of evidence that a rigorous arts program benefits students. It may be the inherent problems solving methods we use daily, or our natural a??backwards designa?? approach that helps our students succeed. Art teachers know that these same concepts are simply a??what we already do,a?? but are only recently coming into the light as the new a??cutting edgea?? of education. I feel it is this and something more important. Art is the one class where the concepts of math, science, history, language, and writing converge in a well-orchestrated, rigorous, and relevant program. We not only come to understand the concepts but we use them and manipulate them for deeper understanding on multiple sensory levels of thinking. Herein I have divided this workbook by multicurricula units so that this concrete connection to academic a??core coursesa?? is more easily seen. Does this mean that an art class loses its creative edge by incorporating other subjects? My twenty years of experience tells me that this integration enhances it. Students have a deeper understanding of the work, they come to see the relevance, and are more likely to a??buy intoa?? the concept. When students ask, a??Why do we have to know this stuff,a?? the answer becomes relevant through our daily approach, process, and end products. ALL projects herein are designed to have successful divergent results, incorporate creative problem solving, and bring relevant connections to studentsa?? lives. This book is built for student success on many levels from gifted to challenged. This in turn is helpful in fulfilling mandated state and federal accommodations so that no child is left behind. >Author & Teacher Eric Gibbons.


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