The Body’s Code


Автор: Helge Osterhold

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

Дополнительные характеристики

184 стр.

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406400 руб.


This book seeks to illuminate the role of serious health challenges, caused through accidents or illness, in the psycho-spiritual development of an individual. It establishes a post-Jungian framework that integrates the concepts of synchronicity, individuation and compensation with a psychosomatic understanding of physical ailments. Theory and case studies explore how viewing severe physical problems as synchronistic events can provide an understanding as to how such suffering may meaningfully impact and transform psychological, spiritual, relational and professional-creative levels of a person’s life. A narrative analysis, unfolds the stories of four people who went through severe health crisis, providing a thorough look at their individual experiences, and analyzing them as synchronistic, individuation-facilitating events. Each case analysis provides abundant information in regards to the life changes and meaning making process taking place for the person. This work may provide a viable inquiry model to psychotherapists and those wishing to better understand their personal processes.


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