The British World: An Illustrated Atlas


Автор: Tim Jepson

Язык: Английский

Издательство: National Geographic Society

Год: 2015

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352 стр.

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299800 руб.


From prehistoric times to present day, this richly illustrated atlas illuminates British history in breathtaking National Geographic style with gorgeous images, compelling narrative text, and fascinating sidebars; informative time lines, and premium-quality maps specially commissioned just for the book. Famous anecdotes and little-known lore are unearthed across thousands of years, immersing readers in the sweep of British history including prehistoric, Roman, medieval, Georgian, Victorian, and modern times. In addition to offering an authoritative historical perspective, this lush reference is interwoven with intriguing facts and insights into the very fabric of British life, from literary highlights to social amusements and trends. Spanning wars, religious controversies, revolutions, and more, this magnificent volume is a treasure that readers will turn to again and again.


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