The Dam-Deluged Gasping Ganges Vol. 2


Автор: Miah Adel

Язык: Английский

Год: 2015

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400 стр.

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840300 руб.


Vol. 2 of the Gasping Ganges series deals with the Yamuna, its tributaries, the dams and barrages on them, and the irrigation and hydroelectric projects they support. The dams and barrages on the Yamuna section are the Tajewala, the Hathnikund, the Dakpathar the Wazirabad, the Okhla, the ITO, etc. and the canals are the Wetern Yamuna,the Eastern Yamuna, and the Agra. The Yamuna's emptiness, the principal sewage disposal points and the consequences have been covered. Most of the Yamuna's tributaries - the Chambal,the Kali Sindh, the Mej, the Chakan, the Kanu, the Alinia, the Parvati, the Banas, the Berach, the Kothari, the Khari, the Mashi, the Morel, the Dheel, the Sukli, the Tons, the Pabbar, the Asan, the Betwa, the Hilali, the Virma, the Arjun, the Sipra, the Giri, the Ken, the Hindon, the Bata, etc. - have been touched upon. The dams on them are the Gandhi Sagar, the Rana Pratap Sagar, the Jowhar Sagar, the Rakghat, the Matatila, the Arjun, etc. The Parbati-Kali Sindh, Chambal Link Canal, the Betwa Canal, the Ken-Betwa Link Canal, the Sutlej-Yamuna Link Canal, and several canals have been discussed. Appendices cover maps,technical terms and enlist state-wide dams and barrages.


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