The Face


Автор: Dean Koontz

Язык: Английский

Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers

Год: 2011

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528 стр.
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As Hollywood's most dazzling star he has the love of millions - but the hatred of one deeply twisted soul.
Just before Christmas, the Face has received six messages promising a very nasty surprise. The star's security chief is Ethan Truman, an ex-cop with a troubled past. He's found the messenger but not the source of the threat, and he's worried.
But not half as worried as he would be if he knew that Fric, the Face's ten-year-old son, was home alone and getting calls from 'Moloch, devourer of children'.
The terrified boy is planning to go into hiding in his father's vast mansion - putting himself beyond Ethan's protection.
And Ethan may be all that stands between Fric and an almost unimaginable evil...


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