The Four Conversations


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Год: 2011

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raditional approaches to communication have emphasized such things as media, medium, and frequency of communication, as if leaders are engaged in campaigns of some type (which, at times, they are). What has been ignored, therefore, is the impact of day-to-day conversations on individual and organization performance and how those conversations can be altered and managed to bring about higher levels of performance.

The Four Conversations identifies, explains, and illustrates the four day-to-day organizational conversations people at work must use on a daily basis to be successful. These four conversations, either singularly or in combination, comprise every single interaction people have at work.

  • Initiative Conversations
  • Conversations for Understanding
  • Performance Conversations
  • Conversations for Closure

Failing to use these four conversations appropriately, accurately, and completely, can turn temporary barriers to success into chronic ones. In The Four Conversations, people will learn how to use each conversation appropriately, accurately, and completely to avoid the pitfalls that become barriers to success at work.


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