The Good Research Guide


Год: 2011

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400 стр.

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The Good Research Guide is a best-selling introductory book on the basics of social research. It provides practical and straightforward guidance for those who need to conduct small-scale research projects as part of their undergraduate, postgraduate or professional studies.

It covers all the major issues and concerns from start to finish.

It is a valuable resource for anyone conducting social research including those in applied areas such as business studies, health studies, nursing, education, social work, policy studies, marketing, media studies and criminology.

The book provides:

  • A clear, straightforward introduction to data collection methods and data analysis
  • Jargon-free coverage of the key issues
  • An attractive layout and user-friendly presentation
  • Checklists to guide good practice
The fourth edition has been extensively updated and includes features such as:
  • New material on qualitative data and narrative analysis
  • Good Practice boxes in every chapter
  • Four new appendices on key topics: Ethics, Data Protection, Triangulation and Focus Groups
  • New examples and illustrations on Surveys and Sampling
  • Additional topics in the Frequently Asked Questions section


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