The implementation of Environmental Education in schools


Автор: Mesh Ramcharan

Язык: Английский

Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2015

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252 стр.

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This research report investigates the experiences of teachers of the incorporation of Environmental Education (EE) into schools and the role of environmental clubs in facilitating it. The South African governments’ efforts, through the Revised National Curriculum Statement (RNCS), to incorporate EE into the present curriculum is extensively outlined in numerous research reports. Its goal is to, ''seek to create a lifelong learner who is confident and independent, literate, numerate, and multi-skilled, compassionate, with a respect for the environment and the ability to participate in a society as a critical and active citizen'' (Department of Education, 2002:08). The final aim was to investigate whether the introduction of environmental clubs into school would cause a change to EE implementation in the classroom. Methodologically, this research project was located in the both the quantitative and qualitative paradigms, the participants having comprised teachers and Heads of Departments (HoDs), as well as principals from three schools in the dependent sector, namely government-based schools in the District 6 region in Gauteng province.


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