The Murder Room


Автор: Michael Capuzzo

Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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464 стр.
Оригинальное название
In which three of the greatest detectives use forensic science to solve the world's most perplexing cold cases
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Three of the world?s greatest detectives ? a renowned former FBI agent, a forensic sculptor and an eccentric profiler known as ?the living Sherlock Holmes? ? were distraught at the growing tide of unsolved murders. And so William Fleisher, Frank Bender and Richard Walter pledged themselves to a quest for justice . . . They invited the finest collection of forensic minds ever assembled, drawn from five continents, to bring the coldest killers in the world to account. Named after the first detective ? Eugene Francois Vidocq ? the Vidocq Society meets monthly to solve a cold case. The Murder Room paints a chilling picture as the three partners travel far and wide to hunt ? among countless others ? the ruthless killers of a millionaire?s son, a serial killer who carves off faces, and a child killer enjoying fifty years of freedom and dark fantasy. Bestselling author Michael Capuzzo brings to life a world of dazzling forensic science, evil as old as the Bible and at its centre a group of passionate detectives ? inspired by their own wounded hearts to make a stand for truth, goodness and justice in a world gone mad.


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