The Nonverbal Advantage


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Год: 2011

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The latest research data confirms it: body language in the workplace matters. A lot. Professionals with great nonverbal communication skills gain a documented advantage over their competitors. We form opinions of one another within 7 seconds of meeting and 93% of the message people receive has nothing to do with what we actually say.

Nonverbal communication has proven to be an intensely powerful business tool, but it needs an update. Drawing from the latest discoveries in evolutionary psychology, neurobiology, medicine, sociology, criminology, anthropology and communication studies, plus the author’s 25 years of practical experience using nonverbal behaviour in her work as a therapist, management consultant, executive coach and keynote speaker, The Nonverbal Advantage is the first book tailored for busy professionals that both draws on the latest research and delivers comprehensive content in an easily accessible format.

The Nonverbal Advantage shows readers how to accurately decode the body language of others and how to use their own body language in powerful and persuasive ways. While many sources for nonverbal communication are filled with esoteric jargon and lengthy scientific references, Goman’s book is filled with anecdotes and practical information, illustrated with photos, cartoons and drawings and handled with a light touch. It walks readers through an essential set of interpersonal business skills that employees can learn and practice on their own time. And it offers a host of benefits to individuals and organisations, including control of the nonverbal messages you are sending, improved powers of observation, enhanced rapport with clients and team members and better cross-cultural communication skills.


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