The Old Rules Of Marketing Are Dead: 6 New Rules To Reinvent Your Brand And Reignite Your Business


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Год: 2011

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6 strategic principles for reinventing your products, your services—and your company's future

The digital age has completely transformed business—and marketing has not kept up. From research frameworks and traditional concept development to planning to budgeting to distribution channels and media placement, marketing has not advanced—which may be why Chief Marketing Officers often don't get a seat at the table. In order to have a future, marketing must play a direct role in driving profitable sales and increasing revenues.

The Old Rules of Marketing Are Dead offers the new rules for reinventing your brand, including:

  • Defining the product's essence
  • Creating metrics to ensure accountability
  • Developing a core message
  • Disseminating the brand

Marketing needs to lead, not follow. The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead shows how to reinvent marketing and position it as a strategic business partner for any organization.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Art of Reinvention & It's Six Principles; Chapter 2: The Essence of You; Chapter 3: The Consumer (or customer) Knows Best; Chapter 4: Your Reputation Precedes You; Chapter 5: Sleep Soundly, Work Fearfully; Chapter 6: Neatness is Next to Godliness; Chapter 7: The Whole is Larger Than Its Parts; Chapter 8: Mind Your P's and Q's; Chapter 9: Do as I do, Not as I say; Chapter 10: Strategy is the Heart, But Measurement is the Lifeblood; Chapter 11: Frameworks, Frameworkds, Frameworks; Chapter 12: Communicate, Then Communicate Some More; Chapter 13: It's More Than Just Channel Surfing; Chapter 14: It's All About the Relationship; Chapter 15: You Don't Have to Go It Alone; Chapter 16: It's Not About You, It's Really About Me; Chapter 17: The Long Arm of the Law; Chapter 18: The Great Debate; Centered or Localized; Chapter 19: Technology is Only the Enabler; Chapter 20: Leadership Isn't a Noun, It's a Verb


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