The Power Of Charm


Язык: Английский

Год: 2011

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Everyone wants to be charming - but most people don’t realize just how dramatically charm can improve both their social lives and business relationships

In The Power of Charm, personal success expert Brian Tracy gives readers the tools they need to become more captivating and persuasive in any situation. From mastering body language to energising negotiation skills—and everything in between—this powerful book shows how anyone can become more charming, and make their greatest dreams come true.

An extremely accessible and affordable new book by Tracy on a personal success topic he has never written on before. Brian's most popular success books, such as Focal Point and Goals, focus on a single simple skill or behaviour. In fact, Eat that Frog is his top seller, and it—like The Power of Charm—is a short, affordable little book...and it has sold, and sold!


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