The Power Of Culture


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Год: 2011

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300 стр.
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The Power of Culture is the fifth book in the Management Today Series. It provides managers with the means to harness the power of culture to drive strategy.

The Power of Culture presents an overview of the concept of organisational culture, its management and leadership implications, and its practical application. It explores the skills managers need to assess, comprehend, integrate and manage culture how to turn the soft, people stuff into a competitive advantage.

With chapters by eight management thinkers and practitioners from around Australia, the subject is approached from a variety of angles and perspectives. The theme underpinning all chapters however, is the crucial role of the manager in leading and shaping the culture of the organisation. Chapter headings include measuring the immeasurable: defining and measuring culture; The power of culture: using the soft stuff to drive the bottom-line; power, politics and people: cultural survival tactics; culture shock: mergers, acquisitions and integration; When the conductor leaves: handing over the cultural baton.


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